Terms of use of internet services Image-hosting.org constitute a legal agreement between the final user (a particular person or legal entity) and Image-hosting.org to use internet service Image-hosting.org and related services. When a user accesses the internet service Image-hosting.org or used in any other way, by binding provisions of these Terms of Use. A user who does not agree with these conditions of use, not to use the online service Image-hosting.org and related conditions.


These Terms of Use refer to the website Image-hosting.org and all other products and services on the site Image-hosting.org and all the web pages on the domain Image-hosting.org (internet service Image-hosting.org). These Terms of Use do not include advertising services internet service Image-hosting.org, because for them a separate general terms and conditions apply.


Services Image-hosting.org internet service, which is available on the Internet at the domain Image-hosting.org intended for all those who have Internet access and accept the conditions of use of Internet services and the Image-hosting.org undertake that if the services used exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes in accordance with applicable law, the principles of morality and ethics, as well as these conditions of use.Internet Image-hosting.org service allows users to save their own images on the Internet, in a way that they can be used to internet forums, Web sites, blogs and email.


A user who wants to use all the functionality of internet service Image-hosting.org and who wants to own it keeps files and facilities must be registered beforehand. User registration is via web interface in which the user enters their data. The user agrees to comply with the registration of the following instructions: written data, especially contact information must be complete and truthful; the issuance of a third party ie. data writing third party without his permission is prohibited each user can have only one user name.

Save a file

Users can Image-hosting.org the internet service free of charge to safeguard your files, where the following conditions apply, ie. limitations: files can be exclusively in formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF

-GREATEST allowed size of one file is 6 MB

-The number of files you can publish a single user is not limited

The user agrees to when saving files to respect the following instructions and contents: the contents of the file may not be unlawful, harmful, erroneous, questionable, morally inappropriate or offensive,

content & file may not be erotic or pornographic nature

content & file may not constitute a copyrighted work or work where a third party has other intellectual property rights, unless the user explicitly has the right to such a protected file ie. Content published on the internet service Dodaj.rs

content & file may not constitute a breach of legislation on the safeguarding of personal data

content & file may not be intended for commercial use.Image-hosting.org reserves the right to delete, censor or modification of any file that is stored on the internet service Image-hosting.org, if it considers that a particular file is a violation of these Terms of Use. For internet service Image-hosting.org files can be stored unregistered, registered and logged in users. In the event that a particular user on a web service Image-hosting.org send files using the Add command, which is marked in green field and while he was not registered or logged in, these files will be found only if he remembered their URL, HTML or BBcode address, which he was shown at the end of the transfer. Registered and logged in users if all of your saved files will be able to review and edit in your private album.


Image-hosting.org no influence on the content and other content stored on the internet service Image-hosting.org because it is content that the internet service users enter independently. Accordingly Image-hosting.org not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, correctness and legality of the contents of the internet service kept Image-hosting.org users. In connection with the above obligation Image-hosting.org reserves the right to delete, censorship or editing of saved files, if it considers that the content as a whole or a part of it does not meet these conditions of use or violates ie. could be a violation of applicable laws. Image-hosting.org also retains the right to the same reason deletes a user and to disable further use of internet services Image-hosting.org.


Services Image-hosting.org internet service can be used only for private, non-commercial use, unless these terms of use or special agreement otherwise specified. Do not make any unauthorized copying of content Image-hosting.org internet services, especially individual files, modify them, and inclusion on another website, product or service, in addition to copying individual files based on user permissions, which saved this file, and in addition to use of which is expressly permitted certain services, internet service Image-hosting.org. It is prohibited to "meta" search internet service Image-hosting.org. The use of automated queries or other robots, which automatically receive data from internet service Image-hosting.org or otherwise automatically intervene or communicate with the network service Image-hosting.org. For any commercial use of Internet services Image-hosting.org be concluded prior agreement with Image-hosting.org files stored on the internet Image-hosting.org service, users can download from the network for personal domestic use, where it is forbidden to change the labels of copyright, other notification of intellectual property rights or notices of other rights.

are expressly forbidden to all of the following activities, for which the user expressly agrees to them will not perform or attempt to perform:

1.Use services with the aim of posting or promoting any content and / or activity which is contrary to the Community legislation and / or public order and morality

2. The use of threats, Mock, degrading or offensive language in communication and expression, which could violate the personal rights of third parties

3.Communication with other users on behalf of third parties

4.Use personal data third party without his consent

5.Publishing false, unlawful, harmful, false, controversial, pornographic, morally unsuitable or offensive content

6.Exploiting services for commercial, illegal or any other purposes other than those which are determined in these conditions of use

7.Distribute copyrighted content or content that are owned by other legal or natural person

8.The use of computer codes, harmful programs or anything that could potentially obstruct, disable or damage to the service, vendor services and the hardware and mechanical equipment, and telecommunication devices or electronic communications network

9b and what intervention or an attempt to intervene in the programming and / or source code services with the aim or effect of changes in conditions of operation services; allow the use of special services with other internet site or gain access to information about third parties

10b any attempt to acquire, collect, destroy, alter and / or preserve personal data of other users and the data that users enter these with the aim of using the service.


The whole content of internet service Image-hosting.org the author legally protected as an individual work, or as a database. The preservation includes primarily data, text, multimedia, software, and HTML, flash and java source code. Author legally protected content can be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes if certain uses are prohibited by these terms of use or the applicable legislation. The user entering data into the network interface internet service Image-hosting.org transferred to Image-hosting.org material copyright on all stored files and content, and to only those that are necessary for the purpose of publication on the internet service Image-hosting.org, where the transfer Unexempt, a temporally and territorially unlimited. Files and content that the internet service Image-hosting.org entries unregistered users, are made public and are available to third parties. Registered and logged in users can choose whether to stored files and content will be publicly available to third parties or not. Transfer of rights the user can revoke, so if you have deleted a stored file. The user guarantees service Image-hosting.org under material liability that all content published by the Internet service Image-hosting.org, has appropriate material copyright and undertakes to service Image-hosting.org compensate for the damage which it may have incurred due to the breach of this obligation. < p>

The holder of a registered web domain Image-hosting.org and the user is not allowed to use the name Image-hosting.org in any form, for any purpose, except where expressly permitted the use of these terms of use or the applicable legislation.


Image-hosting.org agrees to endeavor to total content of internet service Image-hosting.org is of high quality and aesthetic, continuously available, up to date and lawful, and that will not contain illegal or immoral elements, any viruses, Trojan horses or similar the factors that could harm the network infrastructure. Even though the service is internet service available Image-hosting.org such as it is, without any guarantees for work.

In connection with the internet service Image-hosting.org by providing the following restrictions of liability, unless the use of these terms not otherwise defined: Image-hosting.org accepts no responsibility for the content, availability, performance and propriety internet service Image-hosting.org, particularly liable for the accuracy, correctness and legality of the contents of the internet service kept Image-hosting.org users

-Image-hosting.org assumes no responsibility for any possible damage that might occur due to the impossibility of using internet services Image-hosting.org because of confidence in the service content, internet service Image-hosting.org, due to loss of data or for other reasons related to the operation and availability of internet service Image-hosting.org

-Image-hosting.org assumes no responsibility for any loss of content and motives of contents, which are the result of incorrect use of, the technical inadequacy of computers and ignorance or clumsiness users

-Image-hosting.org can not ensure the operation of services in case of power failure, the contractual partner or other technical disturbances which could temporarily to interfere with the operation of internet service Image-hosting.org.

The Bidder reserves the right, at any time, for any reason and for any period of time, without prior notice, terminate the provision of internet services Image-hosting.org, if it considers it necessary.

The limitation of liability in these terms of use to be granted, provided that in accordance with applicable legislation. In the case of non-compliance applies the kind of limitation of liability, which is permitted under the applicable legislation.


The client expressly allows the Supplier in order to ensure the internet service Image-hosting.org collected and processed data required for this purpose, namely: information about the user, as he himself put into the internet service Image-hosting.org

-data the preserved files and other content

-data on the reviewed content

-data on the IP address of the user

-data on the time use of internet services Image-hosting.org.

Image-hosting.org is committed to the above user information will not be forwarded to third parties, with the exception of related parties, which the vendor provides certain support services necessary for the operation of the service and in case of suspected breach of these terms and other persons (primarily state authorities) whose participation is required for prosecuting violators.

Picture uploading

User is not allowed to upload anything that can be remotely construed as porn, copyrighted material, harassment, or spam. The following types of files constitute "abuse" and may not be uploaded under any circumstances:

1.Pornographic files. This includes, but is not limited to, files depicting genitalia, nudity, or sexual situations.

2.Files that are illegal and/or are in violation of any United States laws.

3.Files that infringe on the copyrights of any entity excluding the user.

4.Non-image or non-video files. This includes archived non-image files.

5.Files intending to harass or spam, or promote anything for commercial profit.

6.Pornography, adult or mature content.

7.Violent content.

8.Content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organisation.

9.Excessive profanity.

10.Hacking/cracking content.

11.Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content.

12.Sales of beer or hard alcohol.

13.Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products.

14.Sales of prescription drugs.

15.Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g. firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns.

16.Sales of products that are replicas or imitations of designer or other goods.

17.Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays.

18.Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails.

19.Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others.

The user has the right to inspect, copy, reproduce, additions, corrections, blocking and deletion of personal data relating to him.

Amendments to the Terms

Image-hosting.org reserves the right at any time may change these conditions of use, if it considers it necessary. The changed conditions of Use are valid from publication on the website and are used for each user from its receiving these new conditions. In the event that the contents of the file in violation of this Terms of Use or applicable law, anyone can so inform Image-hosting.org via this contact form:


or written form located below each image in the right corner of the "Report image "which must specify the exact names such contentious files. http://Image-hosting.org/image/8.html the reason for the appeal. Image-hosting.org if after checking the allegations and take appropriate measures, if necessary, will be removing the files.

If you notice that appeared on Image-hosting.org your copyrighted work or photographs, or do not wish to be placed on Image-hosting.org, please contact us here


The message we need to send the exact link where the picture is located, and soon as possible after your inquiry image will be deleted.